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The Breath of Life Institute will be held from June 9-21 in Washington, DC.

Our Language: Goals, Objectives, and Features of the Site Sticky

Indian Breath 1OurLanguage.org supports people who are involved in language revitalization of Native North American languages, particularly those who have participated in a Breath of Life workshop. The site allows the conversations begun at Breath of Life to continue and expand. The site encourages on-going sharing of information, ideas, and opinions on revitalization, and encourages the asking and answering of questions. The themes of the site range from the practical details of fund raising to the inspirational aspects of social healing.

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Native American rock artIs there any information, research, or a good idea you’d like to share?

About using technology in revitalization?
About linguistics or language learning?
About social issues in revitalization?
Here are a few recent resources that members have posted.

Alternate views on indigenous intellectual property rights
A mobile app to build a dictionary
Linguist-community relations
Playing games in bust-out buckets
Font and keyboard support for Native American languages
If you’re registered on OurLanguage, you can add your own resource to the site. Try it out!

News and Events

Native American rock artAny good news to share or some event to let others know about?

Upcoming meetings or conferences?
New programs or activities you’ve started?
Calls for funding opportunties?
Here are are few recent news clippings and events other members have mentioned.

ICLDC Conference in Honolulu in February, 2013
OL Newsetter February, 2013
Breath of Life Institute, 2013, Washington, DC
AILDI Conference, 2013, Tucson, AZ
If you are a registered user, you can post an event or post a news item. Try it out?


Native American rock artDo you have a personal story to tell about your experience with learning your language or with a revitalization program?

For instance:

About the way in which you’re learning your language?
About the materials available on your language?
About your community’s involvement in revitalization?
Here are a couple examples of stories members have submitted.

The mission of a language teacher-maker
Language revitalization in families
An early revitalization effort with Pit River
If you are a registered member, you can record your own story. We’d like to hear from you!

Discussion Forums

Native American rock artIs there some topic that you’d like to have an on-going discussion about with other members?

For instance:

The role linguists can and might play in revitalization?
Whether revitalization works best with or without funding?
The role of writing and reading in revitalization?
A couple of the current topics under discussion include:

Engineering changes in languages
Development goals for the OurLanguage.org web site
If you are a registered user, you can contribute to an existing forum or start a new one. Follow the instructions on the page and help the conversations along.


Native American rock artTell us all a little about your language and your community from the point of view of language revitalization.

Some suggestions:

What’s the status of your language within your community?
What’s the short history of your community’s attempts to revitalize its language?
What resources do you have at hand to help in revitalization?
Here are a couple of short articles that members have posted on their language and community.

The Chumash language family
Susanville Indian Rancheria
This section of the site needs a lot of work. Please take a few mintues to add a little information on your language or group. If your language or group isn’t listed, follow the instructions on the page to add them in. You have to be registered, though, before you can add information!


Native American rock artDo you have an opinion about language revitalization and how it’s done or not done that you’d like to express yourself about?

Some suggestions:

Where to direct limited resources available for revitalization?
How to engage reluctant language learners?
Should programs be experimental in how they work?
Here are a few recent blog postings from members.

Community goals for language revitalization
Public perception of language endangerment
Lance Twitchell on the value of Tlingit
Google+ hangouts for language learning
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